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Professional Interview Coaching

At Resume World, with our professional interview coaching service, day in day out we have successfully helped our clients to truly excel at interview. We can do the same for you. When it comes to interviews, people often think, "Well, I'll just turn up and be myself." Which is fine, but it won't get you the job! You need to plan and prepare for an interview as you are still up against many other applicants and this is your key opportunity to make an impact. Sometimes the most able candidate on paper can really shoot themselves in the foot when they actually get to the interview. On average, there's likely to be at least 5 other candidates being interviewed for the same vacancy. So, everything else being equal, that gives you, at the most, a 20% chance of getting the job. Your Resume may get your foot in the door but you're on your own in the interview
There is much you can do to improve your chance of success
We can help you to dramatically improve the odds of your getting the right job

What can Resume world do to help you?

The Resume world offers a telephone-based interview coaching service to help give you that winning edge. (And, for no extra charge, we can also work by webcam if you prefer.) In our interview coaching sessions we can show you how to develop a winning strategy – planning and preparing for every eventuality and learning how to handle every possible kind of interview, from a brief chat over the telephone through to a trip to an assessment centre. Interview Coaching Result Interview result: "You're hired!" Your interview coach can take you through plenty of real interview questions and make sure you know how to avoid cliché and really make an impact when handling both the classic questions – and the really tough ones that interviewers can throw at you. And we can take you beyond the interview to discuss what you need to do to close the deal to your advantage. You'll find our interview coaching useful whether you are trying to land your first job, returning to the workplace after a career break or simply looking to take another step up the career ladder. Our interview coaching service is also supported by a 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

What does our interview coaching service include?

Your interview coach will work with you to tailor our service to your precise needs but we can include any of the following at your request: General discussion of interview technique and answers to all your questions
Mock interviews, either for a general role or in readiness for a specific, forthcoming interview, including a detailed evaluation and feedback on your performance
Question and answer sessions, from classic questions to the toughest ones, learning how to handle them all confidently and calmly so that you really make an impact
How to develop a winning strategy – researching, planning, preparing and organising yourself
Teaching you how to handle the various different interview scenarios you may face: Classic one-on-one interviews, telephone interviews, panel interviews, behaviour/competency-based interviews, aptitude tests, psychometric tests, presentations, group interviews and assessment centres
Advice on first impressions, visual presentation, expression, tone of voice, body language, attitude, warmth of manner and building rapport during the interview
How to overcome nerves and stress, stay calm, keep your focus and think on your feet throughout your interview so that you look – and feel – confident
Identifying your key selling points and deciding upon a strategy to get them across
How to deal with any weaknesses and turn negative situations into positive ones
What questions you should be aiming to ask the interviewer and how to phrase them
De-briefing sessions after an interview to discuss and analyse your performance and identify and resolve any weak points before your next interview
Taking you beyond the interview to discuss what you need to do to close the deal to your advantage – how to follow up after an interview, how to handle an offer, etc.

How do I place an order?

Our fees for interview coaching start at just R41.50 for a 30-minute session and are based on the amount of time you book; the more time you book the lower the rate per 30-minute session becomes. For example, if you book for 2 hours you will pay just R145.50, a saving of R20.50. And, if you place your order in August, then we are offering a 25% discount on all our coaching fees, meaning you can book your first session for as little as R31.12. Clearly, the more time you can devote to this, the greater your chances of winning that job. But please note that you can split your time into as many 30-minute sessions as you wish. We often find that two one-hour sessions one week apart are normally more productive than one single two-hour session. And we also have interview coaches available in the evening and at weekends, as we do appreciate that "normal working hours" aren't always the most convenient time for our clients.

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