LinkedIn Profile Writing

Is LinkedIn creating valuable job opportunities for you? It certainly should be! When recruiters search LinkedIn looking for candidates in your line of work, you want them to find you - and then choose you.Having a professionally written profile makes this much more likely, dramatically increasing your chances of getting the job you want - the job you deserve.

Why use a LinkedIn profile writing service?

A LinkedIn profile is different from a Resume but just as important.It's crucial to get the balance right on a LinkedIn profile by using the right keywords and being professional while still showing your personality.The advantage of using our LinkedIn writing service is that we know exactly what to include, what not to include and what angle to use in your LinkedIn profile to ensure you'll get found ahead of your competition.

Why choose The Resume Centre?

The Resume Centre is the market leader in its sector and our services offer fantastic value for money. Having a powerfully written and well-presented LinkedIn profile clearly gives you a significant advantage over other candidates for a job. It’s an extension of your online brand, and recruiters can find out more about you. Some companies even ask for your LinkedIn profile URL as part of the job application, and this will only become more prevalent. Our talent is to help you to sell your talents, and The Resume Centre's service is supported by both our 100% Money-Back Guarantee and our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee in addition to numerous outstanding testimonials from delighted clients.

What does our LinkedIn profile writing service include?

We'll give your LinkedIn profile a complete overhaul. We will: Research and provide search engine optimised keywords so that recruiting managers can easily find you Completely re-write your profile in the first person narrative
Write a profile that shows your professional personality and makes you stand out from the crowd
Provide an enticing summary that captures who you are, what you are doing and what you want from your career
Eliminate all spelling and grammar mistakes from your profile
Make sure your profile has calls to action so that you get contacted

Our Fees

Our fees for LinkedIn profile writing are just R675.00. How do we keep these fees so low? Simple. We're the market leader, so the sheer volume we deal with makes our prices the most competitive. But we certainly don't sacrifice on quality to achieve this - over 50% of our business comes through referrals and personal recommendations! Quality is paramount.

Turnaround Time:

Once you have ordered, you will have your first draft within 2-3 working days except during periods of high demand where this might take a day or so longer. If you're on a really tight deadline, you can even opt for one of our express services with turnaround times for your first draft as fast as 6 hours.

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